Security specialists from Petersen-Bach A/S have collaborated with Høyrup & Clemmensen on Widex’ new high-tech premises.

By Gunnar Lomborg, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Petersen-Bach A/S is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of security systems. Handling valuables, access control, and building surveillance are among their specialist areas, and their customers include banks and large companies in particular. The company’s great expertise, accumulated over more than 30 years, is precisely the reason it was chosen to supply the security system at hearing-aid company Widex’ new premises in Allerød.

Widex’ new premises in Allerød.

Good collaboration

Høyrup & Clemmensen won the whole electrical contract and then chose Petersen-Bach to carry out the technically complex security job. – We have had incredibly good collaboration with Høyrup & Clemmensen on this job. Petersen-Bach are certified in the American Lenel OnGuard® system, which is the world’s leading software system for security and surveillance. It has enormous potential for companies that need access control and surveillance of high quality, emphasises project leader, Peter Simonsen. He was the anchorman for this large project, now completed to everyone’s satisfaction. 

Fully integrated system

The new security system is fully integrated in Widex’ own IT system, and can be operated from the company’s ordinary PCs. Although the actual security system is tailor-made for Widex, its modules are taken from Lenel’s enormous range of standard functions. – This is thoroughly proven technology, which can be optimised for the customer’s individual requirements. For example, every employee has a chip card that decides which areas they have access to and that can also be used for time registration and internal payment. The chip card can be traced and access changed as required, and its integration with video surveillance makes it incredibly easy to check that the card user is the right person, says Peter Simonsen. 

Video in HD quality

IP-based video surveillance in HD and 5M pixel quality ensures recordings of razor-sharp pictures both indoors and outdoors at the advanced headquarters. Petersen-Bach A/S has worked with Høyrup & Clemmensen before – on a project at the National Bank – and experienced good and professional collaboration in which problems are solved as the project progresses without inconvenience for the client. So the company hopes there will be more such demanding jobs where the customer needs thoroughly tested “State of the Art” technology.