The security company, PETERSEN-BACH A/S, has supplied Copenhagen Central Station with an effective surveillance system.

By Gunnar Lomborg, Danish Chamber of Commerce. 

Recent years have seen increasing focus on security in public spaces. Video surveillance of public places helps create peace of mind. Danish Railways (DSB) has upgraded its surveillance of traffic junctions such as Copenhagen Central Station, and this has given a lot of extra advantages. 

“We use it very actively, and for many things not originally envisaged. The new system from Petersen-Bach gives us very high quality surveillance and covers a large area, which is very useful for both us and the police”, says DSB’s section head, Søren Møller.

Less theft

He points out, for instance, that the system has helped clear up a lot of crime and has reduced the amount of pickpocketing by 80-90%. 

“It also creates peace of mind for our passengers and for our staff. Conflicts can arise – for instance as our staff carry out their work – and then we can both call in the police and use the surveillance pictures to go through the situation with the staff and learn from it. In this way, it creates both greater peace of mind and a better working environment”, emphasises Søren Møller.

All-in-one system

The security company PETERSEN-BACH A/S set up the advanced surveillance system at Copenhagen Central Station and several other large stations.

In collaboration with DSB, they created a system that collects all surveillance in one central control unit. There are cameras both in the station concourse and on the platforms, and that allows DSB to use the system for traffic performance – for example when several trains full of passengers arrive simultaneously.

“The considerable range of the cameras makes it possible to cover the large area with fewer cameras than with normal video surveillance” explains Petersen-Bach”s project leader Poul Ammentorp, “and there are not many corners of the old station that cannot be seen in high resolution from the command centre”.

Open system

“We based the surveillance at DSB on LENEL OnGuard - a thoroughly tested system developed in America, which is used by banks, companies and local authorities with a high level of security. OnGuard is an ‘open’ system, capable of using several different types of camera, which means that DSB is not dependent on a single supplier”.

The surveillance was set up in the period when the Central Station was being renovated, and cameras and cables were fitted in with the building”s architecture. And it was all done while the station was in full operation. That involved some night and weekend work, but everything was finished on schedule.

The security company Petersen-Bach A/S set up the advanced surveillance system at Copenhagen Central station and several other large stations.