IP-based megapixel cameras ensure that security is top-quality at the Hotel d’Angleterre. The system was supplied by Petersen-Bach A/S, a company that has specialised in surveillance solutions based on the latest technology since 1979.

By Martin Fogt Pollas Rønberg

“A visibly high-security level is an absolute must at a five-star hotel where many prominent guests check in and out every day”, says Jan Brink-Pedersen, technical manager at the Hotel d’Angleterre, with operational responsibility for the hotel’s security systems.

“We obviously have to show both our guests and the world around us that we have things under control. This has considerable preventative effect. Moreover, guests feel safe knowing that the surveillance is on, and they can also see where the fire extinguishers and AEDs are.

“On the other hand, security systems should not obstruct or disrupt the interior architecture. It is a matter of finding the right balance between visibility and discretion, so that security always forms a natural part of the building without attracting all the attention.”

A flexible monitoring system

The hotel’s new monitoring system is called Avigilon and was supplied by Petersen-Bach A/S. The system is built around IP-based megapixel cameras and is very user-friendly. Petersen-Bach’s Sales Manager, Lars Vatne Nielsen, explains: 

“The assignment was that the solution should be modern yet fit in with the building’s special character. Dome and box cameras were chosen with resolutions from 1 to 3 megapixels, and the cameras’ discrete colour and physical form fits in well with the surroundings.

“The cameras automatically adjust to the scene that is to be monitored, so they compensate for poor lighting, for example via their integrated day/night function. This means that we can achieve full-coverage monitoring in a room without having to change the number or position of any of the lamps in the room. The IP-based system gives a wide range of options, and we can also completely hide the cameras if that is what the customer wants.”

An open and scalable system

The Petersen-Bach monitoring system is open and scalable, so the Hotel d’Angleterre can quickly and easily add new cameras as the current renovation progresses. Lars Vatne Nielsen explains: 

“All the individual parts in the basic server and network are standard IT components that are always obtainable and can be quickly set up. For example, you can extend the system to include portable units and stream monitor pictures to your smart phone or tablet. It is also possible to integrate other systems, such as burglar alarms, in the system. This is an option that can easily be exploited for the burglar alarm Petersen-Bach has set up in the champagne bar and cellar at the Hotel d’Angleterre.”

Ultra-high resolution monitoring pictures

One of the really big advantages of the new monitoring system at the Hotel d'Angleterre is that the cameras record in ultra-high resolution. This gives the hotel access to very detailed pictures that make it easy to identify faces and small objects in the space monitored. Lars Vatne Nielsen explains:

“The system enables the cameras to record in full resolution, while the resolution of the pictures streamed to the user’s tablet or smart phone is automatically adjusted for the screen involved, so downloading several TB at a time is avoided. This means that you can get easy access to live pictures using an ordinary data connection and still get the full benefit of the high resolution if, for example, you need to zoom in on particular details.

“The picture quality is really fantastic, and when I demonstrated the system for the insurance people, they were very impressed.” Jan Brink-Pedersen adds: “And you soon learn to use it.”