Lyngby-Taarbæk Council has collaborated closely with security company Petersen-Bach on access control and monitoring for a number of years. Simplicity and reliability are given pride of place, and our system has been progressively extended to cover more and more of the local authority’s buildings.

Denmark has a democratic tradition that people should be able to come in direct contact with those in power, so that there is no gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’. It’s just not the Danish way to have big metal detectors with security guards at building entrances such as you often see in the USA. We like our public buildings to feel open and welcoming for any citizen who has business there, but this can create a dilemma when the buildings also need to be secure. Lyngby-Taarbæk Council, for example, has 150 decentralised locations, all of which must be open to public access.

“Petersen-Bach’s security system gives us one central server, which makes it possible to monitor what is happening in every single building from one central point”, says Mikkel Arp, ICT Support and Operations Manager for Lyngby-Taarbæk Council. “Surveillance is an important tool in reducing vandalism in local authority buildings”.

The need for flexibility

The collaboration between Petersen-Bach and Lyngby-Taarbæk Council began ten years ago, when the requirement was a better security system for the old town hall. At that time, there were six different access control and security systems. The basement alone had four different systems, which required a big bunch of keys just for that. In this connection, Mikkel Arp explains:

“We wanted a stable solution based on a scalable platform, so that it would always be possible to upgrade and adapt to new requirements. We started with a small installation, which has grown and been extended ever since. But this has happened on a grassroots basis, where we could always see the advantages in central support and operations over having isolated systems.

“Every time Lyngby-Taarbæk Council put up a new building, renovated a building, or had a burglary, questions arose on how the building should be made secure in future. And you simply don’t have the same options or quality if you chose a decentralised security solution.”

Supplier and sparring partner

“Petersen-Bach has good solutions, but it is the combination of knowledge and experience that really creates value for us. We have an in-depth dialogue on what we want to achieve, and it is this sparring that enables us, for instance, to advise our staff on the security system internally”, says Mikkel Arp. “After all, anyone can put up video cameras – that’s the easy bit!”

30 years’ experience in security systems

Petersen-Bach is a Danish-owned company that was founded in 1976. Today it has 65 employees, including 12 engineers and 31 skilled technicians. Sales Manager, Lars Vatne Nielsen, explains:

“There have been enormous developments in security technology. Petersen-Bach has been on the leading edge of these developments for more than 30 years, so the company has accumulated significant experience and expertise. There has also been a change in the general attitude to security, with today’s increased focus on crime prevention and documentation of events. Companies want to make more and more use of their security systems, because many systems today can share information and recorded data with other IT systems. The move from closed to open systems gives companies an opportunity to increase the preventative effect of these systems and provide the documentation they need with the right quality.”

High quality requirement

At Petersen-Bach, it is absolutely fundamental to the whole business that its employees have a high level of competence and that projects are carried out with the same high quality. In the security business, there is a constant stream of new technologies and new ways of handling security and surveillance, but the most important thing for Petersen-Bach will always be stability and reliability. We make a point of having close relationships with our customers based on mutual trust, which puts great demands on us as business partners and on the solutions and systems we supply. At Petersen-Bach, we make great efforts to ensure that our employees will be ‘the best in their field’ and that our customers experience us as a serious, competent and reliable business partner.

The same attitude is also reflected in the company’s relationships with its suppliers, with whom we have very close collaboration. For instance, all Petersen-Bach employees are certified in the Lenel OnGuard security system and are fully informed about its functionality and options.